Potting Plants For Discus Tank?

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    Just a few questions. Some information first. I have had moderate success with my "Underwater " gardener skills.(See pic below).
    Here is my dilemma. I plan on picking up some Discus in a few months. In order to give them the best water parameters, it is suggested to keep the tank bare-bottom. But I want plants and I believe plants are beneficial to a healthy thriving tank. I have done some research on using potted plants. Some much contradictory info out there my head is spinning.
    So looking for some basic/intermediate "Do's and Don't's" information.
    Would appreciate some pics also.
    ** Remember these pots will be with "Discus" - No leaching of ammonia/chemicals from substrate.**

    1. Best type/size of Pot? Terracotta or Plastic - also holes or slits?
    2. Best substrate? Cap with sand or rocks or both?
    3. Mesh bag in pot or no mesh - Keep substrate contained in pot?
    4. Root tabs beneficial or should substrate be enough to start?
    5. Types of Plants that grow well in pots.


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    amazon sword is great for potted tanks and grow full just watch your pot size as swords tend to have a big root system and can suck a lot of nutrients from the pot that its housed in
    anubias and staurogynes reopens stay smaller easier maintenance and have successfully grown in pots
    cryptocoryne as well is great for pots in the aquarium
    clay pots are your best bet as they won't change your PH plug the hole in the bottom with a gel super glue or caulking then you can eliminate rocks to plus the hole
    I would recommend cap using a small size gravel the sand will not weigh the soil down enough and during water movement will sift around your tank
    you wouldn't need a mesh bag if you use small stones on top
    always put in a root tap before planting and will have to place them in to give health you can dose with a turkey baster a liquid fert during a water change if you want take the pots with plants out and mix half fert and half water to dilute as your putting onto the wet SOIL (usually applied to the water) then place back in the tank that will eliminate any spikes in the water from just adding a fert to the water
    you can build your substrate using a few options
    aqua soil, eco complete, fluval substrate for the planted tank
    please do NOT use peatmoss or garden soil
    CO2 is always recommended have grown each plant with out and putting a CO2 set up in your tank would change your water/acidity
  3. 86 ssinitWell Known MemberMember

    What little I have to offer here. I just started about a month age. Putting some plants in pots. First is a kliener bar sword. It’s been potted for about 2 months.i Sand substrate capped with gravel and an osmocote root tab pushed into the sand. D2EC1839-C1BA-4E82-8260-B4388EF11BC6.jpeg This plant was original grown emersed. Notice the round leaves haven’t melted away yet. They’re still looking good and the new submersed leaves are coming up in the middle.
    Next is an amazon sword that’s about a month in. Same set up as above. 2B63D8A1-DD7E-4AE2-8070-893E1512A1E2.jpeg Plant came with those 2 brown rot marks and I expected those leaves to melt but they haven’t. New leaves in center :). 51904D57-EF0F-4041-BC4C-B352FDA1EA47.jpeg This is aponogeton I just planted yesterday. These plants grow tall and are perfect for discus. But they only bloom for a certain amount of time. Usually last for 6months to a year.
    Hope this gives you some ideas.
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    Thanks @gunnergirl @86 ssinit for "Good" info, ideas and pics.
    No Co2 for me just Nilocg ferts and root tabs.. I have used Eco, Fluval stratum and sand. Will need to pick-up some small to medium size gravel/pebbles to cap. Oops, I forgot to mention the tank temp will be 84' for the Discus. So the plants will need to be temp compatible. Still researching and planning for a Discus biotope.
  5. coralbanditWell Known MemberMember

    You're going to fert a discus tank ?
    Every day after water changes ?
    Fish first if you want to do it right ,just me .
    If the plants grow in gravel then fine if not then fine .
    I have kept potted plants in my BB tanks for years and if they last 1 month or 1 year it is fine .I have vals and others for years now .
    Might I suggest plants with rhizome attached to driftwood to avoid the whole pot and substrate deal ?
  6. jmaldoWell Known MemberMember

    Just found this: Plants for a Discus tank.
  7. coralbanditWell Known MemberMember

    Looks like a lot of them are rhizome plants ….:cool:
    I love bolbitus !:D