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    Ive been reading a bit about adding pothos plant roots to aquariums and the benefits however ive heard its extremely poisonous.. We have 2 inside dogs and also a first child on the way... Not sure i want to risk it? Any other similar plants recommended

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  2. Dom90

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    CindiL or KarenLM can help you out with these kind of plants.

    Actually, you can use lucky bamboo plants. You can submerge the roots but they're not fully aquatic.
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  3. CindiL

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    HI, here is a thread I started awhile back that lists all kinds of plants but basically almost any land plant with thicker type stems will adopt nicely to having their roots in water. I think a lot of land plants are poisonous to dogs, cats, babies so I can see your concern. There are lists out there I am sure of plants that are not toxic if a leaf is ingested. Maybe start there and post some ideas and we can see if any of us have tried them in the water?

    I do have lucky bamboo in my tank (dracena) and they've done really well (half in the water, half out, basically the leaves need to up and out of the water). They have never lost even a leaf so that might be an ok option. Also my colorful dracena has done well and has never lost a leaf.
    Check out umbrella grass for toxicity. It does really well in my aquarium with the roots in.

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