Pothos absorbs nitrate!

  1. Nicoldeme

    Nicoldeme Valued Member Member

    So I have two tanks, a 10g and a 2.5g that have been very overstocked for a while (Platys!) and I had to go away for a bit so there were no water changes, and knowing my parents, there was probably overfeeding as well. In both tanks I have pothos plants. I've been gone for a two weeks and, due to overstocking, I was expecting nitrates through the roof. But actually, there's almost zero in both tanks! I've always kept nitrates really low due to water changes, but I never really put my plants to the test until now :) I just wanted to share this, and clear up that pothos plants are NOT toxic to fish, as I've kept them in my tanks (Not submersed, just the roots in) for the entire time I've had fish :)
  2. Coradee

    Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Glad all was good when you got home :)
    Several members have pothos in their tanks & have reported the same thing, I may look into it it myself