I have an African Cichlid tank with an electric blue and an orange blotch both males I see them certainly each other as if they’re sizing each other up but nobody attacks the other. Is it just posturing because the electric blue is new to the tank?


I don't know about cichlids, but fish do postureing (Usually males against males) to make them look bigger which seems to be happening here. My minnows open up their fins to look bigger against each other and then swim away. Or how bettas flare with their gills and open their fins to show off their colors.

Oh for your question, Id assume they are just trying to show off whos the "boss" of the tank. My gouramis were doing the same when I added my guppys. But no fighting.


Keep an eye on them, cichlids LOVE to fight. If theyre posturing, fighting is the next step.

Aqua Hands

watch for fighting. Mine did this my Blue and Orange finned and my biggest peacock were lip locking. My blue and orange started so I put him in a breeder net (Which he jumped out of) and redecorated. no fighting since


They are establishing dominance. When they circle each other the next thing they do is lock lips, this can last a few minutes but soon enough one fish will show the other who's boss and fighting should be minimal once they are established. If it continues then redecorate. If one fish is getting forced to the top corner of the tank then remove either the aggressor or victI'm as the victI'm will likely be killed at this point.

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