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Discussion in 'Using the Forum' started by Fish_Tails, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. Fish_Tails

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    I see the terms used interchangeably here. I read somwhere that they're the same thing, but that doesn't make sense bc my # of posts & # of messages are different.
  2. ryanr

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    I assume you're referring to the Message count shown, vs the Postings tab on your profile.

    Messages are posts to the forum that are included in the count.
    Postings includes all activity on the site, forum posts, profile messages, articles etc.

    In your case, at the time of writing, you have
    53 Postings, and a message count of 48.
    Posts to the "Welcome to Fishlore" and "Games" forums don't get included in your message count.

    So you have:
    53 Total Postings
    less 4 Posts to the Welcome forum
    less 1 profile post
    equals 48 Messages

    Hope that makes sense.
  3. OP

    Fish_TailsValued MemberMember

    That makes perfect sense. Thank you!
  4. Orion1066

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    Got it.