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Think I fell in love with this forum when I found it, then life got busy and whilst it was in my every intention to frequent here again life once again got in the way. However! … Now life has settled down, sort of... so hopefully I can enjoy the fruits of this forum again.

Purchased a house in January, so we had a busy December and I had just moved back into the food retail sector in November. Finally moved in February, then our baby girl decided to show up 8 days early via emergency C-Section in February. Been a bit mental again.

Also meant our poor fish moved twice in a very short space of time but we didn't suffer many casualties and this move was far better planned (Jerry Cans and all sorts).

Suffered a financially shocker of a week last week, Laptop had to get replaced, washing machine broke (new brushes should arrive tomorrow - not expecting it to work) and finally had to get a new car...

All in the while purchasing a bigger tank and hoping to get it running sooner rather than later... hopefully.

Oh and I've got a 2nd interview next week for a job totally in a new field for me. At some point 2019 will slow down for me.

Happy New Year all
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wow, two of the three most stressful things in life at once...and one twice. You are a trouper! Congratulations.
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