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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by fishfanatic15, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. fishfanatic15

    fishfanatic15Valued MemberMember

    So yesterday I got home from being out of town for 5 days. My grandparents were over everyday to take care of our cats and my fish (and baby ybs turtle). All they had to do was turn on the lights and feed them. I didn't get home till 2am this morning after driving all day and when I came in my room (were the tanks are) I almost gagged because of how bad the smell is in there. I gave the tanks a quick look and noticed that the turtle tank and the 2.5 gallon (betta tank) were cloudy but I went down stairs and fell asleep because I was so tired. This morning I came in and it still smells but now I could see that in the 2.5 gallon the ground was COVERED IN FOOD!! I will attach a pic but be warned that this is absolutely disgusting. I was not there when my mom explained how to care for the tanks. She dosent over feed them but I guess she didn't stress the importance of not. My 20g with my female betta had a pretty clean bottom (granted it does have one snail... but still) and my 5 gallon had some food but not too bad and my turtle tank was a mess. I am really worried that my bettas are bloated (none look too bad to me but I will post a Pic) Right now, I don't even want to bother testing the water on all 4 tanks considering how long it takes to do all 4. I am going to do water changes on all the tanks but I am afraid that the tanks still won't be clean. Is it really that bad if I do multiple 50% - 75% water changes in a row. I am glad I don't have super sensitive fish but now am afraid because I know it is easy to bloat bettas. What should I do?!?


    1. fbd7e7918ee3b78dcc2f26fbb3848255.jpg
    2. b34342906d1bae2f74e7d8a96bbbad05.jpg
    3. 5d36e4f33114adef9eccfd10626cfc8c.jpg
    4. aa771b7f388c79b8b22ec2ab8089c276.jpg
    5. 1e0fad255a60d1021c64bbab48132ba7.jpg
    6. 6f432fd033a7a90fc7bbe3e794990f51.jpg
    7. 826301eb5743b5d019f972655b9ea675.jpg
    8. 32b456e32bb2356c32c3f55f5e67ea7b.jpg
    9. ce4e2f0418cf3c35e9d25ab175be7d4e.jpg
    10. a7477f57845facca2ab33fc05aef5a75.jpg

    Mind you, all of these tanks are normally crystal clear
  2. OP

    fishfanatic15Valued MemberMember

  3. BluMan1914

    BluMan1914Well Known MemberMember

    I suggest that you do back to back 50% water changes, and make sure that you do a very good substrate vacuum. Also make sure to add some Seachem Prime to help.
    Do the water change as soon as you can. No telling what the ammonia could be right now.

  4. Fashooga

    FashoogaFishlore VIPMember

    One of those things were you wish you told them not to feed the fish since it's only five days. Fish can live quite a few weeks w/o food.

    Just do some water changes as stated and it should be fine.

    It could be worse, there was a post a few months ago a kid dumped the entire contents of the fish food into the tank...

  5. OP

    fishfanatic15Valued MemberMember

    Jeez that's not good. I wish I was here when they were here learning how to do it. I didn't get any say other wise I would have told them to forget it.

    Should fast the bettas/turtle?
  6. NavigatorBlack

    NavigatorBlackFishlore VIPMember

    Water changes, fast. Then maybe a few more over the next few days. The fish will have eaten their fill, but will need regular feeding as things smooth out again.
    If I am gone more than 2 weeks, I get someone to feed. Less than that, and all is well. I returned yesterday after 9 days away, and all the fish were fine - even the fry (in heavily planted tanks). They had grown.
  7. Fashooga

    FashoogaFishlore VIPMember

    I would fast the fish for about two days. Your focus should be solely on the water changes at this point.
  8. BluMan1914

    BluMan1914Well Known MemberMember

    Maybe give him a deshelled pea just to make sure he doesn't develop bloat.
  9. OP

    fishfanatic15Valued MemberMember

    I am currently filling my 20g ( I have a python so I am just waiting currently) I will fast them
    That's what I was thinking after I fast them
  10. bopsalot

    bopsalotWell Known MemberMember

    I had a similar situation several years ago. We went to Colorado for 2 weeks or so and I payed a neighbor teenage girl to scoop the litter boxes and feed the fish. I showed her how much to feed if I remember correctly, but I should have pre-measured it out into a pill dispenser or something. I came home to a very dirty tank with 90% fatalities. Only the angelfish made it. The poor pet sitter must have been mortified! I never brought it up with her... I was kind of angry at the time... but lessen learned.
  11. barandemir09

    barandemir09Valued MemberMember

    I remember that... now that was bad... this is just usual feeding compared to that hahahha

    Oh my... she probably thought that if the fish kept eating, that meant that they were still hungry
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  12. darthyeojValued MemberMember

    Just do one large 75% water change rather than two 50% to save yourself the work.
  13. OP

    fishfanatic15Valued MemberMember

    I have done multiple water changes on every tank except the turtle tank (I had to do a lot on the 2.5 to get at least most of the food and I did 2 on the 20 and 2 on the 5 , the turtle tank only needed one but I am running a water clarifier on it along with my filter on it to get any small particles out)

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