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Hi there! I had a bad ich outbreak in my 55 gallon tank and lost almost all the fish who were living in it 53] it has been nearly a month, and the few survivors seem to be healthy and show no signs of lingering infection. I want to restock the tank, but I’m afraid the surging fish may still be carrying the parasite? I don’t understand the life cycle quite well enough to know whether this is possible. I have not changed the substrate or filters or anything in the tank, but plan to before restocking. Mostly for aesthetic reasons, but I’m sure it can’t hurt the ich problem either.

What is your protocol for restocking a past ich-ingested tank?

As a side note; I did not use a quarantine tank, hence the ich problem. So this time in restocking, I will absolutely use a quarantine tank. Trust, I learned my lesson there.


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Yea ich is just plain annoying but everyone in the hobby has likely dealt with it more then once, usually everyone's first experience is similar to yours! Typically the ich parasite life cycle lasts approx 2 weeks. Typcially I raise temps in the quarantine tank and treat for that amount of time. If for some reason I get in into a display tank, after treating affected fish, I move all my fish back into quarantine and BLAST the heat in that tank ( i usually leave it around 88 ) for another week to guarantee all three stages of the parasite have been killed.

I referenced this article awhile back that helped me combat ich in a variety of effective ways.
Preventing Ich
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