Possibly Sick Amano Shrimp And Qt Set Up Help

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I got two amano shrimp today and one seems to be passing a weird stringy substance that I’ve never seen on my shrimp before so I don’t think it’s poop.

I’m going to set up a large quarantine bowl for them since I already have a fish in the quarantine tank. I’m going out to get a sponge filter today and some plants but do I need anything else for this temporary set up? And one seems to be pregnant, is it possible to use this as a nursery afterwards?

Here’s a picture
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It looks like feces to me. It also looks like she's berried, are you going to try and raise the zoeas? The issue with amanos is that the young are rather difficult to raise. They have to hatch in freshwater, but within four days they have to be moved to saltwater around 33-35ppm. They then stay there eating algae and whatnot for 1-3 months, but once they metamorphisize, you only have a few hours to acclimate them to freshwater. They won't all undergo metamorphosis at the same time either.
For your QT you'll have to monitor the ammonia and nitrite levels very very carefully, as shrimp can die from even small spikes.
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Agreed, it's waste. Just she ate something maybe you don't usually feed.
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Thanks guys!

I wasn’t able to get a sponge filter or even one small enough to fit. I think because of that and that it’s just waste from something weird eaten from the store I’m only going to quarantine them overnight unless I can find a filter tomorrow after work.

I would like to try to breed them, but I know it’s hard and I’ll be gone this weekend and I don’t know how soon she’ll lay the eggs. I would have liked to keep her in the QT until she laid the eggs so my ADF’s don’t have a chance to eat them.

If I attempted it, would it be possible to turn the tank they are in into a salt water tank while they were in there with aquarium salt?
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Aquarium salt is different from saltwater salt.

Aquarium salt is usually used for treating diseases.
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You'll have to get marine salt as it contains essential minerals and such. It depends on what they're currently in for QT. If it's a gallon or more, yes you can use that.
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I think the QT is about 2.5 gallons, but I was looking it up and it seeems like they need a lot more space that I just don’t have.

Still gonna try but I got to find plants that can be in both waters. I got a big Anubis nana in there and I’m sure that wouldn’t survive.

I also read that they shouldn’t have a filter in there, how long can the mother live in there with no filter? I can change out the water daily/every two days but there wouldn’t be any air flow.
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Probably a few days. Most people wait until they see little black dots in the eggs (the eyes) then move the mother. If you miss that chance, you can turn off all the lights in the room and put a flashlight at one specific point on the tank and the zoeas should all go towards the light. I think most have some sort of bubbler as well. The babies should grow just fine in a 2.5, and you can grow them out in your normal tank if you don't have anything that would eat them. And if you run out of room for the babies (most people can only get 20-40 out of hundreds, low survival rate) then you can sell them on here once you hit 50 posts.
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I think just getting one out of this whole ordeal would be a success!

Unfortunately I have ADFs in my main tank and I’m sure they’d eat them. I’m going to keep the shrimp in there this weekend so hopefully she doesn’t drop them in the main tank while I’m gone!

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