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So I’ve had this particular betta for about a month, and I bought it as a female.
Only yesterday I put her in a tank with a another female and a baby male.
Now, I know that I should keep males and females separate, but this pair has been out of the ordinary from the start.

When I first got Harry, I had them separated, but they were definitely curious about one another. And later I caught him on the female’s side. So I put him back and fixed the divider.
But then I noticed that the female would sit right at the corner of the tank by the divider, with the male on the other side trying to get back over.
So I loosened the divider so he could go to either side. He and the female became best buddies, and I left the divider up for a little while longer just in case they had a spat. But they never did, and the female would always get nervous if she wasn’t in the same side as the male.
I took out the divider and they still did well together, so I’m curious to see how they act when he’s older.

But back to my question. Since the female was so docile, I put the fish in question In with her. They did okay, but the fish flared at the resident female. That made me question whether she was actually he, or if it was just a dominance thing.
They haven’t fought, and I’m almost positive I caught sight of an egg tube on her, but I wanted to double check.

The blue betta is the one I’m questioning. The dull brown is the resident female, and the baby male is the red, white and blue one.


The blue one definitely looks male based on body shape and fins.

As for the other two, just keep in mind they are still young and they may end up being aggressive as they mature. I've got 2 young males in a 36gal sorority that contains siblings and aunts so they all basically grew up together. The bothers don't seem to fight, I only see the one male flare at the others every now and then but all have clean fins with no injuries.

Always be prepared to separate them and also keep in mind things can go sour very fast so keep a close eye on them.
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I ended up moving the female to a different tank and letting the boys stay together as their getting only fine for now. The little baby started chasing the female, which I'm assuming is because of the introduction of the other male.
I tried to put her in a ten gallon with my other female, but the female is much bigger than her, and can get aggressive, so I ended up with a divider.
The one female is my problem child because she's absolutely huge for a female betta. I raised her from a baby, so she's like 2 1/2, 3 inches long now? And she looks to be the same size as my 2 year old male. So I have problems trying to keep other bettas with her.
Anyways, thanks for the advice! I really appreciate it!

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