Possibly adding a 125g tank

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Having caved in to my wife's desire to get a furred pet, I told her I wanted to put a tank that's at least 125g in our finished basement. She looked rather unimpressed and told me to do what I like.

That's a dangerous thing for anyone to say to me.

I see plenty of 125's for sale on Craigslist, so getting one isn't a big deal. Getting it into the house could be...laborous at best, but not too difficult.

So, my problem is....what do I put in it? Freshwater only. I'd love to put 6 discuses in there, but I don't think I want to deal with the water situation they create. Not into cichlid only or aggressives. An all tetra community? A hundred guppies? 50 glass cats?

Ideas, please!
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First you need to tell us what your new fur baby is and it's name? You could do a lovely peaceful community tank, Or a pair of Oscars which are kind of like puppies. Before she changes her mind , get the tank. Alison
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We haven't gotten the cat yet. It's a 12 week old black kitty, with green eyes. It tried to chew my shoelaces off while we were looking and my girls thought it was the cutest thing ever.
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That sounds good to me . When are you getting the kitty? Are there any particular fish that really attract you when you go to a pet or fish store. ? If there is then you can build your stock around your favorite fish providing they will fit. Alison
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Haha that sounds adorable, congrats on the new kitty!

My 125 gallon currently houses south american cichlids. I'll soon be rehoming the cichlids and redoing the tank. I'm curious to see what you come up with, as I'm still not sure what I want, so I'll be keeping an eye on this thread!

Right now the plan seems to be a heavily planted tank with pieces of driftwood. For fish I'm looking at 15-20x Cardinal tetras, 15-20x Rummynose tetras, 15-20x Hatchetfish, 4x Angelfish, 15-20x Cories, and maybe some dwarf cichlids.

Here's a link to a thread I started. It might give you some options on what kind of fish you'd like to put in!
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What I'd like to do for stocking:

15x Bleeding heart tetra
15x Diamond tetra
15x Bloodfin tetra
15x Harlequin rasbora
8x Silver dollar
10 Panda cory

I'm basing this off what Aqadvisor is telling me with a randomly selected large canister filter. I take everything that site tells me with a grain of salt though.

Really, I'm flexible on stocking and equipment, just kind of feeling around to see what others are doing in big tanks. No equipment or even a tank on hand yet, this probably isn't happening any time soon, earliest I could see starting this would be October, at best. Even that time frame could be too soon, with bowling season coming up to start at the end of summer.
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A bunch of glass cats would look amazing! I've always wanted to do a large tank with a bunch of one or two species. You could do a massive amount of cories, that would be fun
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I've had glass cats before and really liked them. They weren't very active though. I was surprised at how tough they were for looking so delicate. In a 44g tank, I had 8 of them and they spent most of their time swimming into the filter return current. My wife thought they were weird and creepy looking, lol.
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I would stick to three large schools in a tank this size, (and of course Cories) it looks really impressive. Silver Dollars are extremely large and would have to be the only school, and I would only do 6 of them if they are something you want. They destroy plants as well, so a planted tank would be out.

I would do something like...

5 x Pearl Gourami
20 x Harlequin Rasbora
20 x Rummynose Tetra
20 x Cardinal Tetra
15 x Temp compatible Cories
2-3x Bolivian Ram
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Here's a picture of kitty, her name is Polly, as in Polly the parrot. She likes to sit on shoulders.

Two other pictures are of my my current 75 gallon residents, looks like I got the four Boesemanis in one pic, and a good one of my gold severum in the other.

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