Possible Ich Help?

  1. mattdrink73 Initiate Member

    Hi guys,
    I have 13 Cardinals in my new (ish) planted 42g. I didn't QT because A. I don't have one, and B. they're the only fish in the tank.
    One of them has one small ich looking white spot on it's body, however I first noticed it 9 days ago and have been treating with King British white spot control for 7 days and the spot hasn't changed at all. None of the other fish have any spots and the said fish has only had one spot the whole time. From what I've read about ich the spot should've fallen off by now. I've put my temp up to 28c as from what I've read that will speed up the lifecycle of it however it hasn't changed anything.
    My parameters are all in check (0,0,20) and the fish are all acting absolutely fine. Does anyone have any ideas what else this could be?
  2. Fashooga Well Known Member Member

    Ich usually end's up attacking other fish as well after one has it. However since yours is only attached to one and not the others you might not have ich but more like a fungus. Is the white spot sort of like a cotton look to it? Ich looks like sprinkles of salt on a body.

    Pictures would help to see what your dealing with.

  3. mattdrink73 Initiate Member

    It seems to be similar looking to an ich spot but just one, this is the best photo I can get. (I know my glass is disgusting)

    IMG 5191
  4. mattdrink73 Initiate Member

    Is it possible it could be a missing scale or something similar? It's really hard to get a decent look at and it is fairly likely that the fish was sold to me that way and I hadn't realised. How common are injuries like that?