10 Gallon Tank Possible Fin Rot

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So I have a guppie that is a lower sword tail and his back fin is going away. I have 5 other guppies in the thank that has no obvious problems with their fins. I want to know how I can help the little guy. I set up my tank 6 weeks ago and is finally getting to a cycled tank. I do not have the means to do a hospital tank so I don’t have a separate tank to put him in to treat. Over the past 6 weeks I have had a small ammonia problem and has never had it down to .00 ppm. Right now it’s at .25 ppm but when I test it at PetSmart they say it’s .00 ppm. So during that 6 weeks I have done water changes every other day using prime and safe start plus to help during the cycling period. I don’t necessarily want to treat the whole tank for just the one fish but I have no other options right now. I know my tank is clean and the levels are good. I don’t know why he has gotten to this point. What can I do to help him? I also heard that if I do treat the tank I have to take out the carbon filter. If I do that for the 7 day treatment, won’t that mess up the cycle and make the ammonia and nitrites rise? I don’t think the ADF and other fish are bitting his tail but even if they did how can I help him get it back? Please help!!
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Taking out your carbon filter will not harm or delay the cycling of the tank. Many professional breeders use sponge filters in their tanks and do very well with them
without knowing what kind of filter you have I will say that most hang on the back filters these days have a plastic insert separate from the Carbon to house beneficial bacteria and keep a colony going. The bacteria will also grow in substrate on rocks and wood and such. So that s not much of an issue
what s the issue is that you will need to find a medicine that will cure the fin rot without disrupting the nitrogen cycle itself. Many meds used can kill the beneficial bacteria. In a cycled aquarium this is not a big problem. In a new aquarium though I’m not sure if you would find your self in an endless cycle of needing to re seed your bacteria and trying to cure illness at the same time. I don’t know for sure. Melafix from api is a natural treatment that should help a lot without disrupting your cycle. Is not harmful and Promotes healing and fin growth.
a hospital tank does not need to be an actual large tank. You can get A very small I gallon aquariums from Walmart pretty cheap and it comes with everything except air pump.
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You can use a bucket for a QT if you need to, if you have one that hasn't been used with soap .
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