Possible Columnaris?


I believe one of my Bettas has Columnaris. I noticed the saddle mark a couple days before I had to move back home. He shows no other signs, and the other Betta shows no signs as well. Fish are settled back in the tank, I started with a half dose of paraguard on sunday, and have done a full dose everyday since. Should I stick with paraguard, or should I be using something else? And should I lower my temp? If so, suggestions as to how I should?

Tank Info:
10 gallon split, 2 bettas, 10 amano shrimp- nerite snails are temporarily removed while using paraguard
have not yet put plants back in, plan to do that today
Temp- 78 F
Ammonia- between 0 and .25ppm
Nitrite- 0
Nitrate- around 40ppm


I don't see a saddle mark. If he does have columnaris paraguard should work fine.

Consider adding some indian almond leaves as your pH is a little high for a betta.
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