Possible Cichlid Holding?

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    I have an albino in an all male cichlid tank and thought it was a male, mainly because of egg spots but also because of fin shape and behavior, but now I'm unsure. If it's a female I'm surprised because it's held its own aggressive-wise with 3 other male mbuna for months. Now it looks like a holding female and my marmalade cat cichlid has been much more aggressive than usual, as well as doing his shimmering and other mature breeding signs. The albino is now getting chased by everything in the tank, and is obviously needing to be moved from this tank. Once removed it can not go back because it would be the new fish in the tank and get attacked. So I really have no idea what to do now. I have a few tanks but I don't think a holding female would be fine in any of them. I'm really quite lost right now.
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    Well, I'm certain that's a holding female now. I'm heading to petco to get a 10g for this. I know it's small but I have no other choice here, I don't even have room for the 10g. Once she spits the fry I'm thinking the fry would be ok in my 5g shrimp tank for a bit but need some opinion on this as to whether or not they would be safe with ghost and Amano shrimp. She will remain in the 10g and get fed 2-3x/day to get some weight back on her before going back in the 90g during a redecoration and hopefully she'll be back to her old bullying self. I need to hold out about a month before I have my refugium and sump set up and then I'll have a tiny bit more space. I'm very curious how one female was ok in a tank with 4 males, and well enough to breed at that! They were all in a 29g until 6 weeks ago when they got their 90g upgrade. She held her own in both tanks and I actually had to remove a male electric yellow because the albino and marmalade cat were tag teaming him until he was stressed and had to be relocated.
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    Mine looks the same. But cause she's the only mbuna and in with a jack Dempsey and Oscar. I can't imagine her having fertile eggs in her mouth. But I adopted her about 3 weeks ago so if she was holding then and their fertile it should be okay to strip her. I've been doing alot of research and if u strip them too early the fry will still have eggs sack attached. Everyone days wait till u see eyes in her mouth. So depending if u want to keep the fish or not u can strip her when u want

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    Mine is an albino mbuna in a tank with 3 other male mbuna, so I'm pretty sure they're fertile. By behavior I'm pretty sure it's my male marmalade cat; he's been shimmering and aggressive for a bit now, I just never realized the albino with egg spots was female!

    I was under the impression you don't strip the females eggs the first time she's holding, and it's best to wait for her to spit them out? I'm assuming off behavior and eating patterns she's been holding about 2 weeks, I can't really get her in a position to look in her mouth so I'm unsure about seeing eyes. My daughter noticed she stopped eating 2 weeks ago and I've been checking for inflammation or bloating or specs or any indication of her being sick thinking she was a he the whole time. When the throat area started getting bigger I was thinking bloat or inflammation. When I started noticing the dark spot in the throat I didn't know what to think of it. Now it looks obvious after some Google searching. I have her in a breeding net from petco right now while I move around tanks because I can't get to it until tomorrow. At least if she's in there for a day she's no longer getting chased and can spit the fry if she's ready. I heard she most likely won't eat her own fry so if she spits them and is in there with them before I see it I assume they'll most likely be fine.
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    Well, I saw her spit a fry today and pick it back up so I figured it was time to strip her since she's been in a breeder net for the last few days, and she's looking really thin. 8ef96e89fbc50b4c5d71f3e7bf074e1b.jpg 793ac864f7b81ae64f0844931efc925f.jpg f731af171023c6d0a35aa117c2b3d613.jpg 295a9171f2236ecf62a08f59ea9bf7a0.jpg f8009c4e818460c7327090c354608b9e.jpg 2421da659d30b0d3bc963ecc82543b34.jpg

    I'd say that's 25-30, and for such a small female and her first time holding I'd say she did a good job. Now I'm off to figure out what to do next, lol. I still have her in the breeder net and have fed her, but she wouldn't eat her normal pellet food and would only eat some flake food. I crushed some flake for the fry too but they didn't eat much of it, and it didn't look like all of them had some either. I read a hard boiled egg yolk with some nutritional yeast and chickpea flour in water was a good recipe for liquid food that would stay suspended in the water a bit, so unless someone has a better recommendation I guess I'll try that.