75 Gallon Tank Position of intake/output for 2 canister filters in drilled tank

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Hey everyone :)

For my new project, initially I wanted to use a sump for filtration. But that changed now for different reasons and I'll be using canister filters (either 2 x Aquael Ultramax 1500 or 2000, since they are the most quiet filters I've ever tried). Anyway, since the tank is already drilled (left, center, right) I want to take advantage of it. The intake will be without a siphon slightly above the bottom of the tank. Since the tank is drilled very generously (for 2" pipes), I don't have to worry about negative concurrency of the filters at the intake. The question is more where to position the intake and the outputs.

First, about the tank: 70 x 20 x 14, roughly 80 gal net volume, heavily planted, open, medium stocked with nano fish only (species that don't really like strong currents).

I see 2 possible solutions for the positions of intake/output:

A) Shared intake on one side and shared output on the opposite side.
B) Shared intake in the center and a dedicated output for each filter on the sides.


I've seen people successfully running multiple filters parallelly, but always with the "classic" intakes and outputs, not with drilled tanks. And I think this could make a difference. Also, the tank is quiet long and not very high, so the position of intake/output will be probably very relevant for proper flow and turnaround of the water.

Does anyone have an idea or some input for me, to make the right decision? Maybe even some experience with that problem.
And a second question is, which filter to take. The A. Ultramax 1500 is absolutely silent (for me), the 2000 very quiet, but I can hear it sometimes. So will 2 of the 1500 be enough?

Thanks in advance :)
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