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Hola fellow saltys! I purchased a Porc Puffer about 6-8 weeks ago, and he was very full of life swimming all around and grubbing down on flakes and krill. The past 1-2 weeks he has been laying in the substrate not moving around as much. He still roams some but mostly at the bottom. He sttill eats the flakes, but not as much on the krill. I just got some clams from my fav LFS hoping he likes them! I have a clown, yellow wrasse, black sailfin blenny, 3 banggai cards and the porc puffer. 75 gallon with lots of live rock, crushed coral. It is a reef tank (I know they aren't reef safe however he doesn't nip at anything even hermits.) All other fish are very active and normal...except him. I just bought a 30 gal that I am setting up today as QT using water from water change I am performing today. The Puffer is still a small guy, about 2.5-3". Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks for taking your time to read this and hopefully giving a hand! Also haven't really noticed ich...but not saying he is ich free.


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I'm not a big saltwater guy. Mostly I'm just posting to bump this up.
How's your puffer doing? What are the water specs in the tank? Ammonia, nitrite, nitrate? From what I've read about puffers, they tend to do best with live food. What kind of flakes have you been feeding it?
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