Porcupine Puffer diet help

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    pitbull_nc Valued Member Member

    I have had a porcupine puffer now for about 2 months. He is an awesome fish but is a very picky eater. It seems that the only thing that I can get him to eat is frozen krill. I have tried table shrimp, and a couple of other shrimp. Doesnt seem to want them. I have read that it is important to keep them a diet that not only helps keep their teeth down but to also prevent lockjaw. Looking for different ideas to help this out.
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    Cichlidnut Fishlore VIP Member

    Have you tried pong snails?
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    Out of curiosity, i thought with pocupines you actually have to trim their teeth down mannualy in most cases. However, if you can get ahold of ghost shrimp, clams, apple snails and the like it will really help curve the teeth growth so as you dont have over grown teeth. Be sure to check regularly and do maitnence when needed.
    http://www.reefnut.com/Puffer Article.htm
    great article. IMO, pond snails wont be enough to hold these guys over, nor do they have a tough shell.
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    pitbull_nc Valued Member Member

    I appreciate it. I know my LFS carries ghost shrimp most of the time and hopefully he will eat them.
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    you could try the cheaper hermit crabs if you're worried about their teeth. Try clams or mussels on the half shell. Not many fish will pass those up.