Population explosion

I recently bought 30 red cherry shrimp for my 50L to start a colony and
they all came pregnant. I now have a population explosion but I keep noticing adult shrimp dying. I have checked the water parameters and they're fine. found it normal though, I guess that was the end of their life cycle. I've had 5 casualties this far in a period of 2 weeks. should I check anything else? should I add any more shrimp to keep them from breeding with the same line and make the line "stronger"?
They are so cute.
Welcome to the forum. Regarding the adults dying, it could be several things. As you said, it might just be the end of their natural lives. It could also be an issue with them not acclimating to your water well enough, but if that's the case the babies and juveniles should be fine.

Those probably aren't the only possibilities, but in any case I don't think it's anything to worry about.

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