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Discussion in 'Swordtails' started by imperess, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. imperessNew MemberMember

    HI ,
    I recently upgraded to 55g and my swordtails just had there first fry. they are cute, and all but don't know that i want to be having baby fish every month.
    Wondering what fish i could put in my aquarium with them to help keep the population from exploding. I have read the horror stories of too many fry, but honestly thought the danios and barbs would take care of the fry.
    I also didn't count on my substrate as being awesome hiding spots for baby swords, but it is like the pebbles i chose, have become a super awesome cave network for fry.

    I know i can just separate the male from the females but they look so nice in my tank and are very happy together. If it is better for them ( and me) though, maybe i will just separate out the male.

    currently have:

    1 large pleco
    5 male guppies ( who i would move out for a population control fish guppies honestly don't seem to be eating much fry)
    6 cherry barbs
    4 danios ( long fin would be open to moving them to another tank as well)
    3 swordtails (1 male 2 females one female is a lyre tale)

    i'm new to community tanks and open to suggestions.

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  2. Fall RiverValued MemberMember

    Welcome to Fishlore!
    You pretty much nailed it when you said the only sure fire way to keep swords from breeding is to separate them. Even after the male is removed the females could have two or more broods.
    Maybe some type of South American cichlids (rams, apistos, etc.) could help control the population, but that is hit or miss and there will be survivors.
    I separated out my male swords and mollies.
    Good luck. :)

  3. imperessNew MemberMember

    yeah i have red ram cichlids are good. But my concern would be that i do not have a very planted tank due to my large pleco. Also would rams be safe to add with all of these fish? I have herd stories of cichlids picking on pleco eyes.. so i am sort of nervous to venture into the cichlid world!

    My other thoughts was possibly removing guppies and putting gourmi's but i have heard mixed reviews on weather they eat fry or not. i have another 20 gallon tank soo this could be do-able.. or i could just put the male sword in there, if that would be a better solution?

    my pair of velvet swords are just so cute together though..

    i don't mind dealing with a few fry.. but i just don't want to get swamped with them in the future and not have a place for them to go.. i don't even know if the petstores here would take them or not.
  4. Fall RiverValued MemberMember

    The rams and apistogrammas are generally considered non aggressive. The pleco is much larger than the cichlids will ever be, so I think he'll be ok. Gouramis are much like bettas in that they can be aggressive to their own kind, so you'd only be able to keep one.
    The pet store for the juvies is an option also. My LFS gives me store credit for what I give him. That is dependent on whether he has a lot in stock already. It can't hurt to ask them about it.
  5. Fishies-for-meWell Known MemberMember

    Angel fish are good for fry control... I have heard of people keeping guppies with their angels just as a live food source when they drop fry.
  6. imperessNew MemberMember

    yeah i think if i put an angel in there my tank will be way over stocked? even if i were to remove say the danios and the guppies?

    also do you think they would eat my cherry barbs? ( they are all sill young yet.. except 1 who is an old man and 2 inches LOL.)

    They get pretty big, but i have heard they are good for population control too.

    a couple of questions:

    1. Do you think the Gourami 's would do better than the guppies at picking off some of the fry? is there a breed of Gourami that would be best at it? if i only had one would a bigger one be better at fry hunting than a dwarf?

    2. about the rams.. could i get just 1 or do i have to have a pair or can i have 2 females? i also worry about them becoming aggressive when breeding.

    3. Will these fish be ok with long finned fish? I do have long finned danios, and i have 1 long finned swordtail female.

    thanks in advance for all the input and help!
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  7. imperessNew MemberMember

    Was looking up some more about fish.. what about a killifish ? Would they be good at eating the fry?
    I read some one used one to solve there guppy fry issue..

    input welcome :)
  8. mikegipNew MemberMember

    It's so a plentiful tank.
    I am beginner to Aquarium.

    I like Angle Fish .

    From their pics,they are so beautiful.....

    I am studying knowledge of sps coral now.

    i want to start form sps coral tank.That's hard but also a challenge to me.I beleive I will get my favorite ---------NEMO at last.
  9. cameronpalteValued MemberMember

    Either remove the male. Or sell away the fry. There are probably stores out there that will buy swordtail fry by the hundreds. Or give away.
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  10. Fall RiverValued MemberMember

    Killies will definitely help control fry. I have a GW male who is about 3". I added 16 neons to my 40gal and he ate almost half in a couple of days! He has since been moved to a tank with bigger fish. He has a freakishly large mouth! I think he'd have no problem eating a fish more than half his size.
  11. imperessNew MemberMember

    thanks for all the input guys.. i'll welcome anymore suggestions..
    I'll about getting a killie.. if i can find one? from what i have read some make good comminity fish? maybe those with killies can weigh in on that for me.

    if i decide to get killies should I get just one or a pair? Any suggestions on what varitey? i'd like to get a variety that lived a bit longer than a year if i can find one.

    But might separate the two swords. i'll have to read up a bit more and think about it.

    anyway, Right now now i have 9 baby fry :) from my two velvet swords. They look healthy so far and are doing well! If the pet store wants some or if i can find enough people in my area interested in swords, babys may not be too big of a problem, but just want to see what my options are before i get overloaded in babies. And i heard some local pet stores won't take them.. so i guess i will have to call around.

    If any one lives in the northwest and wants some, once they get alittle older, lemmie know :)

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