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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by SueN, Mar 18, 2010.

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    SueN New Member Member

    I've had cherry barbs in QT for just about a week and a half. Three days ago I noticed the female had a red gill and I was close to the LFS where I got her (reputable) and dropped by and asked (especially since I'd already lost the other female in QT with no symptoms)... they said not likely flukes, no reports of problems with the shipment, likely just stress and to give her more acclimatization time.

    Yesterday was water change day for everybody, and the QT tank she's in got a 50% water change. She seemed perky, the red was going down and the two boys were chasing her (she seemed to have a roundish belly). Ammonia and nitrite readings during the entire QT time, including today, have been 0.

    So, I go to feed this afternoon and test the water, and I see she's swimming very erratically and even being pushed to the gravel by the flow from the filter. Looking at her more closely, the eye where the gill was red is now protuding. I have left her in the tank, but moved her to a breeder shelter to keep the boys away from her and to buffer her a bit from the filter flow.

    Quick research on pop eye shows not treating is an option, especially since the cause can be so difficult to determine and that it often goes away on its own. To treat her, I would have to move my 8 silvertip tetras (who are ready to come out of QT) in to the main tank and treat her in the one they're currently in. I don't like the thought of stressing the main tank that much.

    Any guidance on this would be much appreciated.

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    SueN New Member Member

    Just went upstairs to check on her.... she didn't make it. Now to figure out what to do with a 3 males to 1 female ratio if the two males make it through QT.


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