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Hi all,

I rescued a red male who'd had about 80% fin damage from the lfs about 12 weeks ago. He has been doing really well and had regrown 90% of his fins back and looks stunning. About 2 weeks ago he started going off his food and was a little lathergic. Itried some different foods and some cooked pea but he turned his nose up at everything. I put a mirror against the side of the tank and he did flare for a while then just hid at the back of his tank.

It has now been 10 days since he's eaten and has had a strigny clear/whiteish poo hanging from him for about 2 days. He just hangs at the top of the tank behind his filter andis working quite hard to stay still. I'd be suprised if he's swam the lenght of his tank in the last 5-6 days.

I was advised to treat with an anti internal bacteria which I have but no change. I have also been advised by the lfs it could be flukes or worms.

I switched the filter off last night as he seemed to be getting sucked against it, when I checked on him this morning I noticed loads of tiny white worms on the surface of the tank.

My water parameters are good and have been stable the whole time I've had him.
Any idea what they are?
Can I get rid of them?
Are they making him ill?

I have a horrible feeling he is in a lot of pain and the best thing might be to end the pain for him. I have Invested so much in him and got him back from the scraggy mess he was in to a stunning looking fish, but can't bear to see him suffer.

Thanks for any advice you may be able to give.
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