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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Dan jay, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Dan jay

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    Hi, first time betta owner so I'm still doing alot of research and understanding them, he was given as a gift 2 days ago. (I had planned to get one) hopefully someone can point me in the right direction and how worried I should be? what steps to take for treatment.

    My 10 gallon tank is conditioned and cycled for just over 2 weeks, all tests in optimum range. Temp at 26C, filter may be a little high flow but I plan to change it for a variable one. I will be doing 20% tank changes twice a week. Overall he's active and very curious to people/surroundings, almost always comes over when someone's near the tank. eating general mixed flakes with no problems once a day, also ordered some live bloodworm for next week. He does swim against the glass quite a lot. Also (once) noticed him laying on his side on the bottom of the tank for about a minute which was very concerning.

    His appearance looks like he's really poorly. Fins droopy, dull colour and what seems to be a problem with his scales around his head and body. Lots of little black spots on his fins. There's also what looks like a red lump clinging to the end of a fin on his underside, parasite??

    I've found several possibilities for everything stated but I'm still unsure what I should do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. To begin with I've ordered some Indian almond leaves for a more natural environment. Thanks in advance for and advice.


    Below shows the possible red parasite if you zoom in, almost looks like a tick.
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    The black spotting is most likely just his coloring. Not all bettas are uniformed. Mine also has the dolofferent coloring on his head.. Do you flare him with a mirror? And if so do all his fins look good when you do? He looks to be a very healthy boy. The red stumps me as at the one part look like it is coloring but then there is no other red. His colors will pop with time he is still gettimg settled in. Laying on the bottom for short periods is normal. They really like plants closer to the surface to rest in or floating logs
  3. Repolie

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    If he's constantly swimming against the glass it seems like he's glass surfing. It's when they see their reflection in the glass and chase after it.

    His appearance looks perfectly fine to me. Bettas with long fins naturally have their fins droop, that looks to be his natural colouration, scales are often irregular around the head and those spots on the fins are normal as many other bettas also have speckled fins. The red lump may be a fin tumor which is my best guess. But I need more pictures to see.

    Overall he's a healthy betta besides that red lump.
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    Beautiful betta!
  5. OP
    Dan jay

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    Hi, Yeah I probably just got carried away reading conflicting things, one says it's a sign of a problem another says it's normal. Glad to you think he's looking good :) I've tried the mirror but he doesn't seem bothered, just stares at it lol, I haven't spotted any holes when he does open out though. Will Get some floating plants/logs next time I'm at the store, thanks for you reply :)
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    Dan jay

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    Hi, I added a couple more pics of the red lump, still not great but hopefully you can see it a little better. Hope it's not a tumour, could it be treated if that's the case?

    Thanks for the information on everything, relieved I was probably just over thinking it. He does seem happy in himself swimming and being curious :)

  7. NickAu

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    He looks fine to me.
  8. Repolie

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    It does look to be a fin tumor. Nothing you can do about it, but it's harmless and shouldn't affect him.