Poor Fish Need Help

  1. krampus Initiate Member

    Hi! I am trying to save my small guppy... He has a bent body, only when it got severe did I take notice I feel terrible- I ordered API erythromicin and did salt in the tank but still waiting for results. is there anything else i can do to help a bent fish?
  2. BiggerIsBetta Member Member

    Could you post pictures?
  3. California L33 Well Known Member Member

    What are the water parameters for Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate? When is the last time you did a partial water change? What is the temperature of the tank? Is it heated and filtered. Erythromycin is a powerful antibiotic that will likely cause at least some damage to your cycle. I'm not saying the fish doesn't need it, only that you need to be aware of potential consequences of using it. And as @BiggerIsBetta said, pictures would be helpful.
  4. krampus Initiate Member

    I cant post any right now, but could post some later tomorrow. My camera is broken.
  5. BiggerIsBetta Member Member

    Erythromycin targets team negative bacteria (I think) so depending on what most bb classify as, it may or may not affect the cycle. I always try to dose antibiotics outside of the main tank
  6. krampus Initiate Member

    I did a partial water change two weeks ago maybe,..but I did a quarter change after that. There are about 50 or so other fish in the tank who are not sick,( 20 or more are babies) and I don't want them to be harmed by the erythromicin. Should I change my water now?
  7. BiggerIsBetta Member Member

    What are the type of other fish? How long has the tank been set up?

    And has he always had a bent spine or is this recent?
  8. krampus Initiate Member

    He started bending 3 months ago, but is an older fish so I attributed it to age..He was just sort of sloping a bit, and I thought, okay he is at least 1 year old, so maybe he is just getting old. Then in the last 3 days he started belly up. The tank has been set up for at least 2 years. The other fish are two pleccos who keep to themselves and are rarely seen, one honey -badger catfish . However, the last fish who died was also sortof bent looking I think. I have not had many issues with fish passing, the catfish and pleccos are very healthy although I am worried they will be affected by the anti biotics now......
  9. California L33 Well Known Member Member

    Used as directed Erythromycin won't hurt the other fish, but may damage the cycle, which in turn could harm the fish with build-ups of Ammonia and Nitrite.

    Personally, I'd do a partial water change, maybe 25%. As I've said a many times, it may not help, but I've never seen it make a sick fish sicker, and I have seen it make sick fish healthier. Maybe not an exact analogy, but it's a bit like getting someone who's sick out of a city which may have 'acceptable' air standards and into the country with no pollution.

    BTW, how big is the tank, and what's a rough breakdown of the fish types in it. Do you have a test kit? Do you know the parameters? (I don't mean to harp on, but water quality is _really_ important, especially when fish start to go south. Bad water will make sick fish sicker.)
  10. krampus Initiate Member

    It is heated and filtered yes, ...it contains rocks, a piece of wood for pleccos, and a large green plant for fish to feed on.
  11. BiggerIsBetta Member Member

    This is my best guess. Start washing your hands every time you touch that tank..

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  12. krampus Initiate Member

    oh god...

    I dont think its that...
  13. BiggerIsBetta Member Member

    I don't mean to scare you but if it's been happening to multiple fish it is a possibility. Just wash your hands whenever you touch the tank and do a little research.
  14. California L33 Well Known Member Member

    There are a number of things that can cause bent spines in fish. As a precaution it would be a good idea to wash your hands well after touching anything 'fishy' if there's any doubt- then to rinse them well before touching the tank again, as soap and fish don't mix.