Poor Dwarf Chain Loach


Hello - I'm brand new and this is my first post (please don't shred me). I have a 9 gal fluval and had a snail issue so I went to my LFS and bought a dwarf chain loach. It was the only one left in the store. Since then I have realized it appears to need to be with 4 or more of its homies. I feel like it is stressed (frantically swimming around the tank and nipping at the other fish). I'm hesitant to return it to the LFS because it won't be with any friends. Is there any resource where I could find someone local with loaches that would adopt my little spaztastic buddy? I don't want to be cruel and force it to live in a tank and be unhappy or stressed. Thanks for any feedback!


If ordering online is an option you could upgrade to maybe a 20 long or a 40 breeder and add 6-8 more and you will have some quite excited happy loaches.

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