Poop From Side Of Tummy


HI All,

I have a 125l freshwater tank with about 12 Neon Tetras, 4 minI rainbow fish & 8 pentazine barbs. Water parameters are 0/0/0 and I changed about 25% of the water yesterday.

One of the neon tetras seems to have a dark red side and looks like there is poo coming out. Any ideas what this could be please and how to resolve? I’ve got a minI breeding tank which I can move it too if neeeds be but it’s swimming around happily, as are the rest of the fish in the tank.




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Fishyfishlondon said:
Thanks! Will try some seapara to try and fix it!
Looks like an anchor worm. I have large fish and a few had anchor worm once. I was told to remove any that I could see with tweezers. I honestly was to afraid and opted for the "let them fall out approach" they say it's the easiest way to rid them. I don't know if they recommend it for small fish but figured I'd mention it as an option too read into.

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