Pond water test results


HI all,

I finally ordered a liquid test kit. I have a 250 litre pond (approx 66 US Gallons) which has 3 small-to-medium sized Shubunkin fish.

In the screenshots you can see the results of the pond water, which has concerned me.

I'm worried because there is presence ammonia and in particular the phosphate has come high.

Due to the autumn months, there has been a lot of leaf litter going into the pond, I've tried doing a bit of a clean up and currently in the process of doing a water change.

Please can I get some advice:
  • Should I use a chemical solution to lower the phosphate?
  • Should I use prime Prime to treat the ammonia?
  • Is aquarium salt useful for treating ammonia?
  • Is there any other advice?
Many thanks,

Edit: It appears my tap water has the same phosphate level.



66 gallon pond is small and will be very sensitive. I’d just do some water changes. The phosphates is likely due to the leaves in the pond. Get some pond netting and keep the leaves out.
That’s a fairly small pond for that live stock. I wouldn’t add anymore fish.
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Thanks for the advice. Hopefully I'll have a bigger pond sometime this year.
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