Pond snails not too bad after all.

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    harry88 Valued Member Member

    Optimized-snail.JPG As you can see in the picture I'm currently going through the diatom phase of a new tank and it's almost over. Alot of it is dying off and the inevitable happened earlier than I thought it would but it happened. Somehow I got pond snails probably from the new giant hair grass I got. As I was looking at my aquarium today I noticed all these clean trails on the rocks and sure enough I followed them and they lead me to two pond snails. But I mean just look how good these little guys can eat the diatoms. My 1-1.5 inch mystery snails can't even keep up with how much these tiny guys eat!
  2. MissyRay

    MissyRay Valued Member Member

    Aww, good for them. They may have saved themselves by serving a purpose for you. I hope they keep up the good work. The lines they ate through are pretty amazing really.