Pond Snail-pocalypse?

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  1. Credpepper

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    Don’t have any live plants. Got these hitchhikers as a free ‘gift’ with some ghost shrimp about 2 mths ago, I think. First saw a couple snails in the tank, ranging from flea size to 1/4”, about a week or two ago. Seeing some tiny ‘maggoty’ looking things crawling on sides of tank. Cleaned out canister filter today and it was non-stop crunching as I pulled out the media. Rearranged ‘the decor’ today, am now noticing this.

    Am I about to face a pond snail-pocalypse in my tank?

    They’re not the cutest things, but are they detrimental or beneficial? I’ll let them self-regulate their #’s if they don’t hurt anything. Starting with not feeding my fish so much that they an survive as well as an entire colony of snails.....

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  2. MissRuthless

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    Well they're not beneficial... they do poop, so a large infestation can have negative effects on water quality. Feed very sparingly so they don't get out of control. The best way to get rid of them is to buy an assassin snail.
  3. OP

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    I might have to throw up a white flag and look into an assassin snail. By the looks of the ‘breeding’ colony inside the filter, he’ll have an endless supply of food. And I’ll never get rid of them on my own. The tank isn’t so bad but the filter has exploded with them in just over a month. Do you think the assassin would bother my 2 trapdoor and (I don’t know the kind...some orange snail the lfs gave me)? From what I’ve read, a gang of assassin snails maybe, but if there’s only one and he’s got plenty of pond snails maybe he’d leave the other ones alone?
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    Puffers also eat snails, and pea puffers won't get huge. Learned the hard way that they aren't fans of shrimp pellets