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Hi! I am looking into getting a pond that is approximately 450 gallons. I would like to find a filter, preferably under 150$. I am open to DIY's and would appreciate a link or description of the product. Thanks

P.S. I do NOT care what kind of filter it is (HOB, Canister, Sump).


bucket filter

storage container

bog filter

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That third filter down, the bog filter is a great idea but using a metal tub is a very bad idea. What ever it's coated with, gal, zinc or whatever will kill fish and it won't last long as anywhere they drilled a hole will start to rust out.


I'm going to go a different route because the aforementioned ones require tools, knowledge, time, etc. I researched a LOT before I made my first attempt at ponding and it basically turned out okay with a few minor hiccups along the way. One youtube link was quite inspirational as it didn't require a tool shop or lots of money to get started. Yes, you can build some very elaborate DIY filters with enough patience, help, tools, knowhow and MONEY, but wouldn't you rather just get started ENJOYING the fruits of your labor? You can always start small and build bigger and time, money and your property permits.
Here's what I did per the aforementioned video with some changes:

1-Instead of 30 gallon tub, scouted prices for a long time and found Tractor Supply had best generic 110 gal tub for $55!
2-Tho I hate Home Depot for political reasons, they do have better prices and customer service, so, I bit my tongue and bought a TotalPond 325GPH pump for about $50 and the fountain/diverter kit for about $18.
3-Filter: Deck planter (the kind with middle portion missing) about 12" long for about $10. (Drilled 5 holes in it. Easy).
Bag of lava rock cheap
Bag of small pebbles
Filter floss from Amazon $8
3/4" rigid hose, Home Depot $18
I put hose in bottom of one side and put lava rocks on top of that for 1st layer. (later, I put rocks in net bags bc it made cleaning much easier).
This helps hold the hose down because, as I sadly found out, if not secure, it will fly out and drain your pond. Next goes the filter floss which will polish the water and help root plants and then the pebbles to hold all that down. You can also add sponges, net sponges, those sorts of things you can buy in multi-packs from the Dollar Tree.
You may say that I could have cut a nice hole for the hose, put in fittings, etc. True. However, I'm in education and we aren't rich folk, lol. Nor do we have loads of time. I'd rather have it set up this way to make any changes than make it permanent from jump and have to redo the whole thing who knows how many times?
I just put in a frog spitter and TetraPond1900 pump partly because I got them at end of season half price and I wasn't able to power fountain AND biofilter at nominal levels with the 325.
Trust me....unless you're an OCD-type person ad must have everything perfect from jump, you WILL add and omit things from your setups. I move equipment, livestock around all the time. I love that it's a fluid (sorry, pun) setup. I don't have to be locked into ONE concrete setup that never changes. But, that's MY thing and I do know that other ppl thrive in ordered environments, gods love'em, lol.
Anyway, do your research and get what works for YOU.

Here's that link:
Live long and prosper

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