Poly Filter Media - Colour Change


Hello, I've been testing out the new poly filter media in light of some tank losses I was trying to figure out (that whole fiasco is in another thread so I won't go into it too much).
Long story short the media pad turned a light green and some blue patches in 24 hours.
I haven't used any medicines lately, and I don't know if that's indicative enough for copper.
I'm just surprised it changed colour that much and that fast, what could this mean?

I also know you can keep the poly filter in for a few months as it will not leech out whatever it absorbs so I took one out yesterday to observe the colour change and hope it will be okay to pop back in. I don't have a 10% marine solution to rinse it in as advised in the instructions....

Hope these questions make sense, I'm new to using this kind of thing



Blue indicates copper ...
Orange iron
Bright red aluminum
Bright yellow ammonia ,amines or solvent...
Seachem makes cuprisorb [a synthetic resin for removing copper]...

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