Poll: Which Guppy Strain

Which strain should I breed next? I already bred snakeskin and Half-Black Guppies

  • Half-Black Red

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  • Half-Black Blue

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  • Blue

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  • Red

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  • Black

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  • Other

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I got a disease that makes me want more and more strains of guppies.


As you can tell by my sig we have that disease also. My husband likes breeding guppies and I lean more toward ancistrus and pleco types
Right now we have Red German Lace with fry, Green Moscow with fry,Red Grass with fry.
So with all the strains out there it's hard to choose.


It really doesn't matter since there are so many out there, I had a black tuxedo male but he died, he was really pretty, black and orange tail.

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