Poll: Divide Or Don't 10 Gallon Tank

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish and Invertebrates' started by mg13, Apr 25, 2018.


Divide or not?

  1. Divide into 2 5gs

  2. Transfer Cory to larger tank alone

  3. Divide, but have RCS in other half instead of another Betta

  1. mg13Well Known MemberMember

    Hi all! I just got an awesome deal on a 10g and I'm not sure if I should move Cory into it or if I should split it in two so I can get another Betta. Right now Cory is in a 5g, so moving him into a 10g split will not change his water ratio at all, but I'm not sure if I want to take the risk. Any ideas of how to divide without chances of crossing?

  2. qchris87Well Known MemberMember

    Would you keep your 5 gal going? You could split the 10 gal for two bettas and make the 5 gal a shrimp tank. The dividers sold at stores work well. I've also seen DIY moss wall dividers.
  3. mg13Well Known MemberMember

    Oh, they sell dividers? Cool!
    No, I couldn't keep the 5g going. It would be a hospital tank.
  4. PlatyloverFishlore VIPMember

    If you want to then I’d say go for it! As for how to make it secure, I’d just make sure the divider goes to the very top of the tank and roaches the hood. If it doesn’t touch the hood then I’d fill up the extra space with something, perhaps a sponge, just to ensure they can’t jump.
  5. Ioana DogValued MemberMember

    I had 2 bettas in a 10g with a divider and one either jumped the divider or dig through the gravel because I woke up the next morning to both on one side of the tank with one all torn up. In a panic I scooped the offender up in my hand then stood there unsure of what to do because I didn’t have anything to do with him. It was pretty comical looking back on it.
  6. jamielandsNew MemberMember

    I have two in a divided 10 gallon, I made the divider out of craft mesh. I used two sheets and I placed the heater in the middle, I have suction cups along the top and bottom on the sides of the mesh so that I can’t shift either way. A couple big rocks along the bottom. I had some fake plants between them. I have never had an issue, and I’m pretty sure they don’t see each other. The biggest problem I ever had was one was missing, and I found him swimming between the dividers looking confused. Readjusted the divider and it’s been just fine
  7. McasellaFishlore VIPMember

    I would put a 'V' slot at the top that covers 1.5 inches on either side added to the top of the divider, I had a female in a divided 20 long that jumped three inches into the next compartment and damaged the betta badly enough that it passed from injuries because it didn't not respond to her advances. She cleared the mesh that went to the top of the tank rim, the sides were sold between these two and it was bare bottom so she couldn't have dug under or squeezed through it.
    You can make the wall a moss wall (takes a while to grow, turn it sideways while growing to make it want to grow faster, my java moss was cleaned out a month and a half ago *several baseballs worth* and it taking over half the tank again, so it will grow fast as long as it is good with the tank and establishes well), plants covering the space between them helps prevent aggression and stress of the betta seeing another.
  8. reefshark92New MemberMember

    I have a divided 20g and it's in three sections. In the past, I've had bettas jump or maneuver past the popular book report binding dividers I made.

    So this time, I bought thick plastic PVC boards, measured them so they fit under the black lip in my tank, made sure they fit snugly so they stood on their own without support, drilled about 10 or so small holes in the boards (for water flow/circulation from filter and heater) and I have not had any problems at all! I've added plants to obstruct any potential view they might have of each other and to calm the water flow from the filter.

    All in all, I would say give it a go!
  9. mg13Well Known MemberMember

    Thanks y'all. I'm definitely leaning toward the PVC board divider idea after doing some research. I'll be posting a thread about that tank when I get to actually establishing it.

    Thank you!

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