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Best colour for a Betta

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What colour Betta do you think is best? Red, Blue, Green, or maybe Blonde?
Just interested.

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I voted "Other" because the Best color for a Betta is ALWAYS the color I am LOOKING for at the moment. This can change daily. Today that color is the deepest, fieriest most beautiful red you have ever seen with no hint of any other color in it. I want another Damon, in other words. I doubt that I will find one.

BUT let me say that if I should ever find a true grass green betta, I would be happier than a clam. I have tried to find a true green betta and they are rare. They usually end up being teal or turquoise or some oddball color not grass green. OR they change color on you after you have fed them for a few days like Alexander did. He arrived green and became blue as blue can be.

Oh well....my :

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I've seen pure green females.. I guess I mean 'Green and red'.

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I like my Chocolate boy Joey! He's soooooooo stunning! He has a little bit of turqouis in his tail. He might not be the smartest of my betta boys but he's the prettiest.
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Red because mine is red
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Blue! Just like Charlie!
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I love all their colors, but voted white for Angel.
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I love the purples and blues, but mostly I go by their faces. It's easier for me to get attached to one whose little face shows all his expressions, than to one whose face is so dark I can't see it.
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Well Charlie has a very dark blue/black head. You can see his face very well, and although he may not be the best behaved betta, he certanly(sp) shows expression in his eyes.
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Beauty and personality together! Perfect combination!
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I agree with Chickadee. I would love to find a pure green betta. However, I am always drawn to blues, purples, and reds in the store. I guess I just love them all.
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The only time that I've seen totally green bettas was at a Betta show. They're definitely beautiful!
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I voted other....I love all betta colors. I can't pick one.
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HI everyone! I have a question to pose to you all:

What is your ultimate weakness colour in bettas?

This is a question that I asked myself and I actually ended up considering it for some time. My all time favourite, the Holy Grail of bettas to me, the colour that I just couldn't pass up. Very difficult to decide. I love greens, I adore purples but when I stopped and thought about it, these weren't my weakness colour. Then it dawned on me, I do know my weakness, the colour that I have NEVER passed up. I have seen purples and greens and left them in the shops. But never have I walked past a betta of this colour and not bought it.

My weakness colour is. . . .

ORANGE All shades, all tones from Tangerine to Firey

Taking a good long look at my history I realised that this colour could never get past me. I have owned 8 bettas that featured this colour. These were the ones I just HAD to have.

In Fish Troy currently there is:
Palamedes (gorgeous boy! The lady at the aquarium did not want to sell him, I was so desperate I talked her into it! Lol! )


& Nicostratus:

In the past there has been:
Polydeuces: (This fish I classify as my Ultimate Orange Fish, I loved him!)

Castor: (I bought Castor and Polydeuces on the same day because I couldn't leave one orange behind!)

Helen: (the photo does not show up her colour well)

And with orange on their fins is, Antilochus:

and Orestes:

So it was official! Orange is my weakness!

I would like to know what is all of your weakness colours on bettas. I'm going to take a tally. See if there is a most popular colour. I would love to see pics!
This is for fun but remember, as hard as it may be, you have to choose one colour!

I look forward to hearing your responses!
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I like the deeper blues and teals.
But I actually don't have a betta. I had one a few years ago, and he was maroon.
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I would have to say red.

So why is it that I have a yellow one, and a purple one, and a blue one, but no red one ?

Go figure huh
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I like my pink one, that probably sounds odd for a guy to say... I also like black bettas and my fav of all time: platnuI'm bettas
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Never owned a betta, but I have the betta bug! lol My favorite color is turquoise-green (with red fins)
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My favorite is red, I have two reds, Flame, CT and Nimbus, Dt. I also have one blue with reddish fins, Tsunami and a black crown tail, Petro. Today I saw a really dark blue guy with white fins I almost brought him home, but held off because I do not have a home ready for him. I love all my bettas, but I do feel drawn to the red ones. I have them in a divided tank and so today I bought each of them their own leaf hammock. Spoiled rotten, they are!


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Please excuse my noobness when it comes to bettas...but I like the Mustard gas (blue and yellow/orange) color form, the dragon varieties, and full white platniums. As well as the wild types.
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Personally I like the bettas with really blended colors, ESPECIALLY if there is yellow involved... haha <--- the betta below "B.C" is like my dream betta
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Tricolors, or betta with black and white together. I love the way the tricolors' hues change depending on how the lights hit them, and I really like the stark contrast of black and white.

Also, pretty much any betta that follows me around the room = <3
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Please excuse my noobness when it comes to bettas...but I like the Mustard gas (blue and yellow/orange) color form, the dragon varieties, and full white platniums. As well as the wild types.

So a Dragon betta, a Mustard Gas betta and a Full White Plat are side by side on a shelf. You are told you can only choose one to take home, which one do you pick?
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Good morning Fish Troy.

Full White Platinum would be my first choice after seeing some of the photos here on Fish Lore.
I really love the marbles though. I'm amazed at how my boy Wriggley is changing colors.
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The coppers and marbles are definitely my weakness! I have a couple of marbles, but still haven't found the right copper...but when I do, there will be no saying "no"!
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Marbles, coppers, and butterflies with white or black tail tips are my absolute favorites. I've had a hard time finding these color variations for my own tanks, but I finally did recently - a copper/white butterfly and a blue/black butterfly. Wish I could get good pics of them because they're absolutely gorgeous.

I also like black and mustard gas, too.
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I have to say that the steel blues win. They are really rare in my area though, the only one I've ever had is Nighthawk but there'd be no hesitation if I saw another. Coming in second are the dark biocolors (dark body with lighter fins) again Nighthawk but Ember is there as well. On the flipside the color I've owned the most are blue cambodians (lightblue/white bodies with blue fins) They always seem to catch my eye
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Mustard gas for me.
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Thanks everyone so far! This is really interesting, there are so many opinions! Keep those votes a comin!
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I like the marbles (which I would get if ordering from a breeder for example), but I do love (for the more "normal" colours to be found in shops) the reds! My Mars has blue shining through the red on his scales, and he is gorgeous!
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An honourable Second Place in the Colour Race goes to. . .

RED BETTAS! (Achilles is loving that one!)

But First Place Most Popular Goes To..... (drum roll please)


If any more responses come though the results may change but for now, this is the standings.

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