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Pat2012 said:
I am look at getting a few of these fish, how aggressive are they towards smaller fish for example glow fish, Molly's, and danios. I was told they are not that aggressive, but I read very different comments and posts. Please help!


I have had three of these fish for three or four months. They are in a planted 55.
All of their tank mates are larger (parrot/ severums), with the exception of a school of bleeding heart tetras.
I have two females & one male. The male & one of the females paired. They are territorial during mating time.
Other than that, mine are not terribly aggressive, especially the non-paired female. However, I believe this is key to the size of the tank and speed and size of their tankmates.
I would be scared to put them in with smaller, slower fish in a smaller tank. As is, I will eventually be getting a bigger tank or rehome some of my fish as the larger ones grow.
Hope you are having luck with your fish and tank!!


Tazmanian said:
Hey guys! I just got two of these fish and am trying to figure out the genders of my fish. The smaller, rounder one (we have been calling Gus) is shy, and runs. Gus hangs out near the filter and under the palm trees where "he" can't be seen. The longer, thinner one (we have been calling Annie) is bossy and always chasing Gus around and hanging out in the open. Gus has a lighter coloration since being in the tank (for about a week now) and Annie has gotten brighter. They both seem to be eating fine, but I'm a little worried about Gus. Any information on this breed would be helpful!
Based on the advice in the video it sounds like you may want to swap names on those fish. Small and round - female, long and thin - male. Plus the male is chasing the female.

I bought one of these little guys from a LFS as the only one left. Cutest **** fish I’ve ever seen. I saw it rough up a Cory and it was queen of my 40 gallon guppy tank but not an outright terror. Now I have it in with a young blood parrot. I may need some more of these, I like the size and the ability to breed. I had assumed sterility like BPs.
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