Polar Blue Parrot Cichlids Breeding so young?


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2 years
I have a 75 gallon tank with a canister filter and the following fish:
2 - Blood Parrot Cichlids (about 4.5-5 inches long)
3 - Bristlenose Plecos (2-3 inches long)
5 - Polar blue Parrot Cichlids (about 1.5-2 inches long)
2 - Albino Parrot Cichlids (1 inch long)

(I know depending on how big the polar blues and albino parrot cichlids get I might have to upgrade my tank once fully grown)

The breeder I got the polar blues from said they were born around first week of February. Since I got them about a month ago, they have grown a lot. The 2 I have a question with are the bigger ones and are now about 2 inches big! It looks like the 2 have bonded and have become a little more territorial even with my blood parrots which I had not seen for the past month since having them. My blood parrots are pretty gentle with them luckily arent super aggresive.

So It looks like 2 polar blues have bonded and 1 of them has what looks like the breeding tube out! Can they start reproducing this young ? Also, if they do end up laying eggs, would it be best to leave them in there with the rest of the fish or move the eggs and parents out or just move the eggs out to maximize the survival rate ? I have a breeding net box but will invest in a 2nd tank down the road if they do end up producing fry to eventually move the fry to grow them out in.

One of the BP has laid eggs in the past but they are infertile, however the polar blues are very fertile from what I have heard so this is a first for me and want to be prepared and ready if I eventually have fry.

Thanks in advance for the help!



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I have a polar blue and a platinum parrot who just successfully laid eggs and currently have babies. They are maybe 2 inches each. I didn’t move them. I don’t have an extra tank. I have red parrots, earth eaters, and pictus catfish as well as a pleco so far they don’t bother with them. (I’ve never had babies before either) However I did cover them when they we just eggs and wrigglers by making a little hut as seen in picture. Just to insure they wouldn’t try to grab them. Now they wander but aren’t free swimming yet any day I’m assuming. If they do show interest I plan to just put them in a the thing I made the hut out of to hold them until they don’t look so much like mini snacks. But when they wander the other fish really don’t pay them any attention. Plus the parents are super protective and attack anything that gets close which helps. They also have moved the babies 3 or 4 times now so they are really great about keeping them safe. Good luck!


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