Pogostemon stellatus, Austrian Hygro

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    Common Name: Pogostemon stellatus, Austrian Hygro
    Latin Name: Pogostemon stellatus, previously Eusteralis stellata

    Family Name: Lamiaceae

    Plant Form: Stem
    Sold as: Bunch plant

    Placement: Background
    Max Size: 24 inches
    Plant Location: Great backdrop/background plant
    Flowers: None known
    Propagation: Cuttings
    Growth Rate: Moderate to Fast

    True Aquatic: Yes

    pH: Under 7.0
    Supplements: Very high demand on iron. Requires high levels of CO2
    Lighting: Very high

    Care Level: Difficult
    Good for Beginners: No

    Probably the most demanding plant I've tried to grow. Miss a single dose of ferts or run out of CO2 and the plant immediately dies!! If you have the correct set up for this high maintenance plant, it makes an excellent addition to a planted tank. The more iron, more CO2 and the more light the better.

    Plant requires an acidic environment and does not do well when pH is over 7.0 degrees. Also, this picky plant requires soft water, so low GH and low KH, to thrive.

    Plant has a very thick, brittle stem with fine needle like leaves. Leaves can reach 2 inches in length. Plants are known to develop a pink, lavendar or deep purple coloring near the water surface when firmly rooted.

    Often confused with Limnophila aromatica

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