Plz help me id this fish

  1. rollamasta Initiate Member

    My local fish store gave it to me for free and he thinks its a cichlid and I'm new to this hobby
    so what do you guys think it is ?
    PS sorry for my english

  2. Crissandra331 Member Member

  3. Anthony10 Member Member

    Kinda looks like this Green Sunfish: ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1405349906.976484.jpg

  4. Anthony10 Member Member

  5. Crissandra331 Member Member

    Yes it does!

    I've noticed a lot of LFS getting these guys in with their feeders and giving them away for free cause half of them don't know what they are ;)
  6. Anthony10 Member Member

    Nice! I would love to stock my pond with free sunfish!! To bad the only way to get lots where I live is from fishing with a really small hook! There's no sain netting here...

  7. Anthony10 Member Member

    Oh, and I forgot! Welcome to fish lore!!


  8. rollamasta Initiate Member

    thanks alot you guys the pics of the green sunfish looks exactly like it
    i really appreciate all your effort.
  9. Crissandra331 Member Member

    Darn I always forget the welcome.. get soo excited on Fish ID's


    Great Place, Great People, Great Advice :)
  10. rollamasta Initiate Member

    What a warm welcome thanks looking forward to being a part of this
    by the way the pic of the green sunfish/warmouth hybrid i think that's
    exactly what i got for free :;banaman

  11. Crissandra331 Member Member

    I've never had one though I heard they're great fish but require a lot of space... Their cold water as well, fun part begins, the research! :) We have a lot of articles you might find very helpful. Good Luck :)
  12. Anthony10 Member Member

    It's defiantly a cool hybrid!

  13. Tropicalfishlover18 Initiate Member

    That's a sunfish you have, caught a few at a nearby pond, bigger than that of course

    Welcome to fishlore!!!