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  1. B

    Big Hal Initiate Member

    Here's my very young BN (Walter) hanging out on Cardinal plant.

  2. P

    PlecoPride Initiate Member

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

    This is one of my guys munching away on his cucumber treat!


  3. A

    Aralee Initiate Member

    I'm having a hard time identifying this guys. I was told he is a sailfin plec...but I'd really like to know what the latin name for him his so I can figure out how big he is going to get. Help! Sailfin Plec.jpg

  4. A

    AquaticDayCare Initiate Member

    L137 Blue eye Red fin pleco

  5. Teleost

    Teleost Well Known Member Member

    Here's my Albino Sailfin Pleco. He should be leaving me tomorrow which will reduce the poo load significantly. 20130926124944-4d757366-sm.jpg
  6. ravenlady13

    ravenlady13 Well Known Member Member

    Lilah the baby albino BN!
    She's just barely 2 inches long. The debris in the way is from TSS I just added lol I'll post clearer pics later.
  7. ravenlady13

    ravenlady13 Well Known Member Member

    Lilah with my finger for size comparison. She's such a busy girl, all over the tank!
  8. DoubleDutch

    DoubleDutch Fishlore Legend Member

    [​IMG][​IMG] My two L144
  9. Boeing250

    Boeing250 Well Known Member Member

    Here's mine: (He passed away a few weeks after this was taken)

    DSCF2832.jpg DSCF2836.jpg
  10. Rivieraneo

    Rivieraneo Moderator Moderator Member

    Water melon Pleco
  11. utkgreg

    utkgreg Well Known Member Member


    Baby albino bristlenose.... 1/4" long. :)
  12. c

    cigritfish Member Member

  13. ravenlady13

    ravenlady13 Well Known Member Member

    Hank, my second baby BN (1.5 inches)
  14. Kellye8498

    Kellye8498 Well Known Member Member

    This is my first albino BN and I went today and got two more. I'm hoping when they are old enough to sex that I will have a male and a female in the three. Cross your fingers for me! Still trying to find someone to help me ID them.


  15. ravenlady13

    ravenlady13 Well Known Member Member

    Hank the BN. He's just a little guy, only 1.5 inches long!
  16. A

    AJ59690 Member Member

    My 12-13 inch Sail Fin Pleco
    DSC05472 (800x532).jpg
    My 2-3 inch young male BN Pleco
    I also have another BN that I have no photos of as he/she is very shy.
  17. ravenlady13

    ravenlady13 Well Known Member Member

    Find the pleco
  18. M

    Maximum3889 Initiate Member

    Say hello to "The Dark Knight". I figured it was the perfect name for him when I found out that he was always hanging upside down under be bridge I have and would only come out at night. Still don't know what type he is and I've had him for about 5 months and he hasn't gotten any bigger. Any helping I.D.-ing him would be great.

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    Maximum3889 Initiate Member


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  20. c

    cigritfish Member Member

    j. edgar hoover AKA edgar
    spotted rubberlip pleco