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  1. Redshark1 Well Known Member Member

    My Sailfin Suckermouth Catfish (Glyptoperichthys gibbiceps).

    16 years old, 30cm long, male.

  2. trinket Well Known Member Member

    I finally got a picture of my rubbernose pleco, he's very shy. Thought I couldn't see him under the driftwood though, haha. I got him last june so I'm guessing he's about a year old now. Think he'll still grow or?


  3. 1*Risk Member Member

    2 New Additions--Need Help on Type of Pleco

    My 2 new additions.....Still trying to figure out what type of Pleco bought them @ my local Petsmart. They had no clue as to the type and just labeled them both as common plecos; but I am still dumbfounded. They are both about an inch long.

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  4. Alasse Well Known Member Member

    My pep male

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  5. Alasse Well Known Member Member

    A pic of a common BN male i used to have

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  6. allibobs Well Known Member Member

    My Queen golden nugget Pleco, she was one of my first fish and cost me over £50 but she's awsome!!!


    I have been bad today :( and bought an L200 cost me the same again but oh it's pretty, when it comes out of hiding I will take a picture!
  7. Redshark1 Well Known Member Member

    I'd just like to add that despite being small, Bristlenoses can live a very long time - up to 25 years according to Practical Fishkeeping Magazine's research.

    For me this makes them one of the best aquarium fish. I wish I discovered them earlier - I have two now.

    My Black-eyed Yellow:

  8. Daveweiser Initiate Member

    Here are my two favourite plecos i own. An albino bn pleco and my 2 year old comon pleco who spends most of his time sitting in that position wanting food!

  9. allibobs Well Known Member Member

    Here you go my new L200


  10. SarahFish Member Member

    My BN sharing his wafer with my guppy babies

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  11. badwolfv Member Member

    My baby pleco

    came out of hiding today!

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  12. Brainlady Well Known Member Member

    Alfie and Pleco-Bello my two Common-Hi-Fin Pleco's

    Here are photos of Alfie my Common Pleco and Pleco-Bello my other Common pleco that I rescued from a goldfish bowl!!! Love this species of fish so much and really am enjoying looking at everyone's photos!!!:;bananarow

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  13. mike1989 Initiate Member

    L273... house mates plec

    thought i would share with u all :)

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  14. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Some of my plecs :) 1)L144 (2)L144 (3) P Gibbiceps (4) Bristlenose with odonteds extended IMG_3832.JPG IMG_3840.JPG IMG_3887.JPG IMG_3893.JPG
  15. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    My Clown Pleco, and his attitude :p Loo'at t'at sweet lil faaaace! ^.^

  16. cognizant Well Known Member Member

    Our BN Pleco "AG"

  17. Boxerwing Initiate Member

    Our new common pleco (my best guess as to what s/he is), rescued from a 5g tank with 3 comet goldfish:

    _MG_7235 by DancingWisp, on Flickr
  18. scotty b Well Known Member Member

  19. Magoo Fishlore VIP Member

    My two boys :)

    He is a king tiger plec L066

    He is a leopard frog plec L134

    Showing off his fat little tummy lol

    Both of them chilling out together

    Loki sneaking up on Sev not realising he was being followed by Slug ;)

    Thank you for looking
  20. CatfishJack Well Known Member Member

    Plecosaurus Rex!


    My new Clown Pleco.