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  1. dvc_r Well Known Member Member

    This is my all time favorite picture:

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  2. dvc_r Well Known Member Member

    Here's one that only a father can love...

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  3. capekate Fishlore VIP Member

    These are some photos of my new Pleco. LFS called it a Yellow Seam Pleco, from research this is either a Mango or a Gold Nugget.
    Either way, he is a teeny thing at about 3 inches long and hanging out everywhere that a photo is impossible lol.
    These are only chance photos... not the best, but will have too do til he moves around the tank more.

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  4. AlyeskaGirl Fishlore VIP Member

    Figured I'd add to the ALL great photos of plecos, here's my newest addition! Bristlenose


  5. Snowfrog Initiate Member

    this is Sucker, our resident Pleco in one of our 10g tanks

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  6. Gouramiguy17 Well Known Member Member

  7. wonton55912 Member Member

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  8. ford130 Initiate Member

    Not entirely sure what sort of pleco this is, the guy at the shop did say but it wasnt a common name he said. But guessing by other pictures its a bristlenose of some sort. He said also that it wont get much bigger so more evidence of being a BN. If any pleco expert knows for sure please enlighten me.


  9. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Yep male bristlenose :)
  10. corycatgirl Initiate Member

    I just thought that this was a cute pic!

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  11. waya81 Member Member

    First time I saw him eating zucchini

  12. xantha Initiate Member

    my albino bn pleco. it's super active and friendly!

  13. shellbell4ever Well Known Member Member

    My New Albino Bristle Nose

    Just a wee little one :) oh so cute and active and happily scraping all the ugly algae away :)

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  14. Brink Initiate Member


  15. Dwhiteman Initiate Member

    My Albino Bristlenose Pleco. He's about 7-8 months old.

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  16. Treefork Well Known Member Member

    My BNP and ABNP there are eggs in the flowerpot. Male guarding.

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  17. IheartMolly Member Member

    i think we all agree i have sweet plectos i like yours magpie!
  18. IheartMolly Member Member


    another one sorry
  19. maxima423 Well Known Member Member

  20. Kay W. Initiate Member

    My L021 & disjunctivus:
    odie & splits.jpg


    both infront.jpg