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  1. J

    Jonathan P Valued Member Member

    Here is a closeup of my new bristlenose, my first one. This photo was taken about 2 hours after his release into my tank. He was pretty stressed apparently and it shows in his altered color. :(

    He has since regained his nice dark brown coloration and is occassionally venturing out of his hiding place to explore the rest of the tank.

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  2. J

    Jonathan P Valued Member Member

    He seems to be doing better now. He's out exploring, even in the light. Seems when he isn't hiding he likes attaching to the front glass on the same side as the filter.

    From what I have read on Planetcatfish his position in the tank makes sense as they like the water flow. And I saw that some plecos change colors like a chameleon to react to stress or surroundings. (Amazing what I can learn when I read :)) He is changing fairly often. When he is in hiding he is dark brown and out - light brown with a pattern.

    Hope you like the photos.

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  3. s

    susitna-flower Well Known Member Member

    OK, I'll post my Royal Pleco here also.....

    I'll try to get a picture of the others in my tanks as well soon...

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  4. B

    Barbrella Well Known Member Member

    Everyone's pics are just gorgeous. Hope you will keep them coming.:)

    Here's my Rio Ucayali, posing nicely for once and showing the weird soccer ball pattern on his head.:p

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  5. c

    capekate Fishlore VIP Member

    My new BN Pleco that we picked up today. It is about 5 inches long and pretty big. I have another that is around 3.5 inches but its hiding right now and cannot get a good photo yet. It blends in with the driftwood.
    What do you think? will it do the job on my algae? ;)

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  6. Sabi

    Sabi Well Known Member Member

    Heres a pic of mine, no bristles as yet.

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  7. c

    capekate Fishlore VIP Member


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  8. goggles

    goggles Valued Member Member

    this one has passed away but i think a very nice pic.

  9. Butterfly

    Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Bristlenose even like Watermelon :)

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  10. B

    Barbrella Well Known Member Member

    I just found out my plecos like green peppers, but I must try some watermelon!:)
    Lots of great pics! Goggles, that was indeed a lovely fish.

    In the meantime:

    "Whee...I'm an upsidedown catfish!!":p

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  11. goggles

    goggles Valued Member Member

    my baby boy.

  12. Alasse

    Alasse Well Known Member Member

    My male and female bristlenose

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  13. mathas

    mathas Well Known Member Member

    Here are two juvenile albino bristlenose. Though they're still pretty small (approx 2.5"), I'm guessing that the first picture is a male, and the second is a female.

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  14. C

    COBettaCouple Fishlore Legend Member

    A couple pics of the albino lfbn's in our angel tank.

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  15. gremlin

    gremlin Well Known Member Member

    The pleco I posted last year has gone to a school to live. Now I have two more that I will probably keep. I really like them. I'm not exactly sure what species they are. I think they are common plecs, but all the pics I see of commons have dark spots on a lighter background. Mine are the other way round. The first pic is of my old pleco in his new tank at the school. The second is my two new ones when I first brought them home (less than an inch long). The third pic is the same two when I brought them in for the winter. My pond temp was down to 61 degrees farenheit the day after I brought them in...

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  16. G

    Ghostfish Valued Member Member

    Here is my new queen gold nugget. She is just getting settled into her new home. She already has kicked my black ghost knifefish out of his hiding place and taken over. I had to give him a new bachelor pad.

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  17. jack--sos

    jack--sos Well Known Member Member

    my juvinile common pleco Chad

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  18. s

    silverlight New Member Member

    Love the cave

    My catfishs really love their caves especially when guarding egg and fry.

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  19. isis

    isis Well Known Member Member

    My George

    I'm not sure what species he is... or sex for that matter... but here is my George...

    (mobile pic - bad quality)


  20. pinkfloydpuffer

    pinkfloydpuffer Fishlore VIP Member

    Here's my cute little rubberlip pleco, Danno. ;D

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