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  1. Lisa buckler Initiate Member

    Plex:emoji_heartpulse: (common) an Albee P (choc Albino) < well that's what Petco says anyways! [​IMG]

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  2. Greg F Member Member

  3. JandaBinal96 Initiate Member

    sunshine pleco
  4. Mcasella Well Known Member Member

    Got some "decorative" squash (aka, they look pretty but aren't worth the effort for people to eat, they smell like pumpkins though and have very thick skin) and my long fin albino absolutely loves it!
    (Sorry about it being dark i didn't want to turn on the light because he takes off and hides unless no one is by the tank.)

  5. JandaBinal96 Initiate Member

    violet pleco soniae ^^
  6. 75g Discus Tank Member Member

    Almost all of my catfish excluding one Cory and my glass cats

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