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I inherited a fish tank from a friend and this fish was tiny at the time. Four years later, he is huge! I recently learned he is a Picasamus and that my tank (20 gallon) is way too small for him. I don't have the room or the money to keep getting bigger tanks as he grows, as I have read he can live 10-15 years and can keep growing! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to re-home him? I am in the San Francisco/Bay Area and not many people have enormous tanks in their houses here so asking around for someone to take him has not worked so far! Do fish stores ever take these guys back? I feel bad keeping him in such cramped quarters. Any advice?
Thank you!
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Contact your local fish club and ask any members if they want him and some LFS will give you store credit.


Fish stores sell common plecos all the time. The ones they sell are cute little juveniles 1-3" long. They never warn the customers that they can live for 15 years or more and they can become monsters. I have one that I had in a 90 gallon tank that is now well over ten years old and well over a foot in length.They can get up to two feet. I no longer have the 90 gallon tank, so I keep him as the only fish in a 29 gallon aquarium. Large plecos produce so much waste that I have a filter rated for a 75 gallon tank, plus a sponge filter rated for a 60 gallon tank, plus a powerhead with an Aquaclear Quick Filter. That keeps the water clean, but it is far from an ideal situation. I cannot justify setting up a large tank for only one fish and he is so big that I would be afraid to keep smaller fish in the same tank.

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