Pleco too big? 10 Gallon Tank

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    OK guys. I think I'm in trouble. A year ago I bought a pleco from a pet store. I was told it was a dwarf pleco, and that it wouldn't get any bigger than 3-5 inches. Well, when I bought him, he was around 3-4". It's been a year and now he's just under 6" (I waited till he was stretched out sucking on glass to measure him - I don't know how much things are distorted thru glass and water).
    In the beginning I could see the diffference as he grew. But the last couple months it seems like he's finally stopped. He's in a 10g tank with a beta.
    Has he stopped growing? If he's really one of those common plecos that require a 100+ tank, there's no way I can do that. I'm planning on getting a 29 in the next few months, but bigger than that's really hard to say.
    What options do I have? Do pet stores adopt fish? I've moved from an other city, so they woudn't be taking their own fish back.

    I'll get pics asap.
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    even at 6 inches(could be a bristlenose plec) he is way tooo big for a 10g...and wont make it another few months if he can barely move now :( if you can get a pic for us, that will help as you know :)
    I hate pet stores that lie to make a buck grrr
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    I kept getting errors trying to put pics in here..So I made an album in my profile. "plec to big"

    and as for moving around..he does that quite easily..
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  4. Shawnie

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    yep its a common :( but a nice looking one :)
    and a 6 inch fish cant move around much more in a 10g surprised your water parimeters arent totally out of wack with him in there.....
  5. OP

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    I usually do a 50% - 75% water change every 6-8 days. Depending on how much he eats. I tried a java fern once for my beta, it didn't take. But magically produced so they help a bit. And I also left 2 of my old filter foams in 2 corners of the tank. I thought that might help hold more bacteria to keep the cycle going. When I get my 29g. Im gonna throw those foams in there to help get it started. Is that a good idea?
  6. Elodea

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    Yes, it will, as the tank will cycle faster.