Pleco shedding?


Hello, my pleco seems to be slightly “shedding” and I’m not sure what it is because it’s almost flaking? I’ve had him for a few weeks now and never noticed anything until today. I almost wonder if it is just dry because he always has his nose out of the water and likes to sit up top next to my heater. I don’t know if something is wrong like fungus or fin rot and it should be treated or if he is fine. My other fish and other pleco dont seem to have any sort of issue at all.


I've seen similar peeling on new arrival Plecos, at my LFS. The negative tissue reaction is likely due to elevated ammonia.
The described behavior isn't normal for most Plecos. Considering the Pleco is a new introduction, maybe he is exhibiting symptoms from a bumpy shipping experience.
The physical damage might not be correctable. Keep up with the weekly water changes & provide quality nutrition. If the Pleco's health continues to decline, be prepared to remove him.

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