Pleco Problem?

Discussion in 'Advanced Freshwater Aquarium Topics' started by Jessica A Scripter, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. Jessica A ScripterNew MemberMember

    30 gallon. clear blue filtration. ID, 2 angels, 3 tetras, guppy, Molly (cuz one died two weeks ago), dwarf frog, zig zag eel (tiny), pleco (just died).
    7.0 pH 78-82° zero ammonia. Don't test nitrites/ates
    6 month old tank. Lightly planted.
    20% changes once a week.
    One angel growing quickly. ID shark doubled in size the last month.
    Molly died. No visual signs of problems physically or otherwise. Fine.. five minutes later dead.
    A week later my pleco starts acting odd. Hardly moving and not eating his wafers. A week after that he is upside down bottom of tank. I flip him over, he's not swimming away but alive. I quarantined him and ten hours later he's alive but upside down again. I flip him over and he moves around a little. Few hours later he is dead and turning white.. tank problem? Disease? Random Molly death and starved pleco from lack of veggies? Overcrowding?
  2. DemeterFishlore VIPMember

    I think it may be due to an overstocked tank, too small water changes, and high nitrates. If this is a common pleco it would be far too large for a 30gal anyways. Does the ID shark mean iridescent shark? If so, that will grow far too large as well as they easily reach upwards of 2ft. I wouldn't be keeping the angels in anything less than a 40gal breeder, perhaps one is ok in a 30gal but 2 is too many. Plecos shouldn't be surviving on just wafers, they need their veggies every couple of days. It's possible it starved but I still think nitrates could be the issue. With the stocking you have I'd be doing at least 50% water changes every week.
  3. SillyjadyNew MemberMember

    With overcrowding and new tanks; testing your nitrites/nitrates will be crucial to help you determine when and how much on your water changes.

    Also the compatibility of a lot of your fish is very questionable. Mollies and guppies being live bearers will need a small amount of aquarium salt to thrive. Angels are aggressive and territorial and unless they are a mating pair will soon out grow their patience for tank mates and each other in a 30gal. Pleco will prefer wooded tanks (lower ph), angels prefer heavy with plants, guppies/mollies salted and higher ph.

    But test your water for the full spectrum, and watch for signs on other fish to start, best of luck!

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