Pleco Nostril Issue (110 Tank) Help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by shortyg76, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. shortyg76

    shortyg76New MemberMember

    Hello All....New to this site
    need some help....
    can't figure out what's wrong w/ my pleco.....noticed this around 2 wks ago but wasn't that bad.
    Have had him/her since '06, he/she about 8 inches & only one other small pleco in the tank.
    please see pic
    thanks for the help.

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  2. Aquarist

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    Hello Shortyg and Welcome to Fish Lore.

    Sorry to hear that your Pleco isn't feeling up to par. It appears to be some type of fungus. Let's see what other responses you receive and suggestions for treatment.

    Some Pimafix may solve the problem but let's get more responses first. Link on Pimafix below.

    Best wishes! I hope it's going to be ok.

  3. Prince Powder

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    Hello and welcome to Fishlore!

    Sorry about your pleco. As Ken mentioned, it does appear to be some sort of fungus. I don't have plecos (my tanks are too small for them) so I don't feel comfortable advising a treatment for a scaleless fish like that. Fungus is generally a secondary infection which appears at the site of wounds. If I recall correctly Plecos have a raised piece of skin around their nostril area. (I'm attaching an image that shows it clearly.) Is it possible that that he may have injured this piece somehow? Perhaps scraped them trying to crawl under a piece of driftwood or a decoration? Also, if you've had to net him recently, he could have torn them on the net. Check the tank and make sure there is nothing he can be injuring himself on. Make sure any driftwood or decorations will allow him either enough space to crawl under easily or, if not, ensure he doesn't attempt to get under it by laying it flat so that he must go over it. It won't do anything to heal him now, but it could prevent it from happening again. For now your best course of action is to test your water and ensure your parameters are in order. With having the tank up for 4 years you'll want to watch out for old tank syndrome. Doing a few extra water changes may help him as pristine water is generally the best medicine there is. Good luck!

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  4. OP

    shortyg76New MemberMember

    thanks for the replies guys.....
    we stopped by the place we got our tank & asked them about it but they couldn't really say since he needed a pic....which my husband sent. but while we were there he mentioned hole in the head disease.....but couldn't find any pics of plecos w/ it.

    @prince....he's always on the same rock that stands up right and there's really nothing he can get under.

    thanks again & hope i don't lose him/her....we have had him/her for so long