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Discussion in 'Pleco - Plecostomus' started by fish_r_friend, Apr 20, 2006.

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    well i found some one to tank my pleco (yes the tank gives it plenty of space (125G)) and I am think about getting 4 ghoast shrimp, 2 serpae tetras,2 trilined corys, and 2 more danios. every one think this will work i know that the tetras and danios and corys will be happyer in the groups they would be in so does any one see problems withmy tank like this?

  2. Skadunkadunk Valued Member Member

    I would get a school of danios instead of just 2, but besides that you should be fine!

  3. fish_r_friend Well Known Member Member

    i already have 3 look in my sig

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    Congratulations on finding a home, however what is you filter and is your tank a standard 20? I would say if you do that you will be way overstocked.

    6 serpae tetras, approx. 2in. each=12in.
    5 zebra danios, approx. 2.5in. each=12.5in.
    3 cories, approx. 2-3in.=6-9in.


    Sorry not sure which type exactly of cories you are planning on getting but depending on the type allows for how many inches they will get but my suggestion is get rid of your lonely cory and get 6 zebra danios and 6 serpae tetras and keep up on your water changes since you will still be a little overstocked.


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    No need to x out the ghosties, they produce such little bio load and your aren't getting that many that you will be ok, when you have a lot like me then you have to consider them for bio load but you don't have to for four. I was just considering worst case scenario because zebras can get 2.5 and the tetras CAN get 2 but they won't always, do you have a filter that can handle the overstockness, overstock, overfilter.
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    I thought Zebra Danios were 2.5 inches too...
  9. fish_r_friend Well Known Member Member

    it most likly is the type of danio that get that big
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    You might want to consider getting 2 more spotted corys instead of the triline cory simply because although they will hang out together, they prefer their own species, and would be even bigger buds if they were all the same. ;)
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    the cory i have is a trilined cory that was the name it was sold under
  12. batattack Valued Member Member

    I have a Cory but don't know what kind it is.
  13. Marc Well Known Member Member

    What does it look like? Does it have speckles? Any colors?
  14. batattack Valued Member Member

    It is gray with Black speckles