Pleco killed my Betta

Discussion in 'Pleco - Plecostomus' started by denisak, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. denisak

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    Do Plecos eat Betta fish ??? :confused:
    I have no other explanation for what happened in my tank.
    I introduced my first Betta fish into my tank in January.
    Everything was fine for two months, Betta was happy, eating, growing, as were the other fish.
    Friday evening, I feed and check all the fish as usual.
    Saturday morning, my poor Betta lies on the gravel completely white with no scales and no fins, all that eaten by somebody :eek:
    Who could do that ? I thought plecos were vegetarians.
    But he is the only fish in my tank big enough to do something like that (4 inches).
    Besides him I have got two Chinese Algae Eaters (the bigger one about 3 inches long), two Emerald Catfish, 8 neons and 4 Harlequin Rasboras in my 29 gallon tank.
    What should I do ? I sure would like to have another Betta but I am afraid it can happen again ?
    Should I get rid of my pleco ? He seems pretty calm, but the true is I see him only during day when he is asleep all the time. I have seen him on some nights and he was just doing his usual business sliding on the walls eating algae and resting.
    Thanks for any piece of advice.

    here is a picture for fish size reference, where you can see both the pleco and Betta (if it matters) :;dk

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  2. Lucy

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    Welcome to FishLore!
    :( I'm so sorry about your betta.
    I'd blame someone else for the actual demise of your betta and suspect the pleco and /or cats for going after the remains.

    Sadly, bettas, as you found out don't make good community fish and it's not always the betta who is the aggressor.

    If you decide to get another, it would be a good idea for him to have a 5g to himself.
  3. Butterfly

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    Most Plecos won't attack a swimming fish but they wiil eat one that is dead. I think you need to look elsewhere for the culprit.
  4. Shawnie

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    welcome to fishlore!!!
    awww poor betta :( im sorry for your loss!!
    I would say your betta had passed and ANY of the fish in your tank could have eaten off him :( all of them will eat anything....are you still using salt? do you know your readings for ammonia/nitrites/nitrates at this point? I wouldnt blame just your pleco.although they will eat anything that passes away and lands on the bottom....thats their job....most plecs will have a varied diet of meat and veggies....if you want another betta, he/she would do best in a tank alone about 3-5 gallons..heated/filtered of course..good luck! and your tank looks great!
  5. OP

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    thanks everyone for replies. That's good to know pleco is a good boy.
    I will stay away from another Betta than, I will be looking into adding some other good community fish. Would you guys recommend Guppy ?
  6. Shawnie

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  7. Cyrus

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    I would blame its demise on the 8 neon tetra. Just remember they are genetically engineered! They *might* be killing machines when the lights go out. :;sharky
    I'm kidding. Im really sorry for your loss. I have lost a neon tetra and a pleco and it was heartbreaking. I can imagine how you feel about your Betta. Best of luck finding the culprit.
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    welcome to fl, cyrus
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    Thank you Meenu =)
    Glad to be here, you guys are helpful.
    Chalked full of facts! Better than Petsmart and Walmart... combined.